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Check out our adorable badge collection from the 2021 Autumn/Winter collection! As this collection is themed around cafes, these perfect little pins represent some classic British caff essentials! Taken from various Pete McKee paintings, these images have been transformed into adorable 3D collectables. Available is our vintage green Beryl Ware-style "Cup ‘n’ Saucer" set, our "Squeezy Tomato" bottle, perfect for slathering on red sauce over a delicious fry up, old school glass "Salt ‘n’ Vinegar" dispensers, and a classic "Sugar" dispenser, its unregulated nozzle allowing for a generous amount of the good stuff to free flow into your tea! 

“Butterfly” back     

Made from enamel 


‘Squeezy Tomato’: 2cm x 2.3cm

‘Cup ‘n’ Saucer’: 1.4cm x 2.3cm 

‘Salt ‘n’ Vinegar’: 1.8cm x 1.8cm

‘Sugar’: 1cm x 2.3cm

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