Superstars of Social Media T-shirt


Quirky and cool in its design, the Superstars of Social Media image is available on our 100% organic cotton t-shirts. Unisex and available in a range of sizes, these t-shirts have been hand screen printed by Sheffield-based company Hunk Print using high-quality, eco-friendly inks.

The fabulous Superstars of Social Media gang were created for Pete's 2022 Don't Adjust Your Mindset exhibition collection. Read about their intriguing personalities below!

This t-shirt makes a great gift alongside our Superstars of Social Media tote bag, posterbadges and mug!


- Available in sizes M-XXL

- 100% organic cotton

- Machine washable at 30°c

- Fair Trade

The Superstars Gang


Age: 5

Likes: All food, tummy rubs, pram rides.

Dislikes: Exercise, documentaries, wide-open spaces.

Wrinkles McTinkles

Age: 11

Likes: Staring competitions, snappy suits, lotion.

Dislikes: Casual wear, the sun, new wave music.


Age: 8

Likes: Cowpat, garbage, the Evil Dead franchise.

Dislikes: Breathing, potpourri, bedtime stories. 

Boo Boo

Age: 1

Likes: Nihilist philosophy, Bram Stoker, heavy metal. 

Dislikes: Anything nautical, lowbrow humour, non-intellectuals.


Age: ???

Likes: Spa days, world domination, boulangeries.

Dislikes: Breaststroke, 'Friends' the sitcom, Donald Duck.


Age: 7

Likes: Crochet, The Great British Bake Off, French Fancies. 

Dislikes: DIY, fusion cuisine, Gen Z.


Age: 14¾ 

Likes: Laurel and Hardy, well-done steak, a stiff breeze.

Dislikes: Children, politics, small talk.


Age: 3

Likes: Star Wars, prawn cocktail flavoured Wotsits, Babe Ruth.

Dislikes: Loud noises, the emotionally unavailable, Red Sox.


Age: 4

Likes: Insects, chick flicks, cuddles. 

Dislikes: Papooses, humans over 5ft, Ferris Wheels.

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