Lost in the Moment Original Painting

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Lost in the Moment painted in 2019, depicts a tranquil scene at the seaside. The person in the painting is taking time for themselves as they lean over the railings on a promenade with their canine companion. Pete has revisited such contemplative scenes in his work before. This type of scene is inspired by his love of American artist Edward Hopper: "My observations of the lonely, the single, the windowed, and those taking a quiet moment away from their other half, are indebted to Edward Hopper's studies of solitary individuals." Seaside scenes are also typical of Pete's work, as the artist spent many childhood holidays in the North East of England on caravan sites by the seaside and still does to this day.

The painting has been signed twice. One signature has been placed on the painting itself; the other is seen on the reverse of the painting alongside a doodle.

Measures 43cm x 56cm.

Emulsion on board.

For delivery please allow up to 20 working days.

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