Shake Em Up Original Painting

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Shake Em Up, painted in 2009, depicts a scene the artist has witnessed countless times. Here a woman enjoys a Saturday evening treat, playing bingo at her a local working men's club. She sits at a green Formica table whilst she looks up at the stage in frustration which the title of the painting alludes to. She hasn't had any of her numbers called out in a while and only needs a couple more. As she looks up at the caller who spins the cage, all she can think is 'Shake Em Up!'.

This original painting has been taken from the McKee collection. The painting has been signed twice. One signature has been placed in the bottom right hand corner of the work; the other is seen on the reverse of the painting. The reverse also features an old stamp the artist once used to mark his earlier works.

Measures: 38cm x 38cm. 

Emulsion on board.  

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