Staycation - Original Painting


Curatorial Note

Created for Pete's 2022 Don't Adjust Your Mindset exhibition, this work looks at the past to examine the present. Although the term “staycation” predates the pandemic, it was used more than ever during lockdown. The artist was prompted to create this piece while reflecting on how holidaying at home is now marketed.

Set in the 1970s, a couple wait for a coach early in the morning. Pete went on these low budget holidays throughout his childhood, specifically staying at caravan sites “...because they were cheap and cheerful.”

“The idea of working-class people going abroad for their holidays back then was fantastical. [...] Camping was probably the most basic level, then it’d be caravans, B&Bs, and finally, the absolute pinnacle of indulgence: a seafront hotel with full bed and board. A staycation for us just meant a holiday. I find it so funny how staycation trips have been marketed to mean something completely different. Nowadays you’re slumming it if you haven’t got a Jacuzzi and a gastro pub around the corner.”

Artist's Note

"In my day we didn’t need a global pandemic to holiday at home." - Pete McKee


Created in 2022

Emulsion on board

Measurements including frame: 49.5cm x 70cm

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