2022 Calendar


Our 2022 calendar is finally here! In keeping with our 2021 Autumn/Winter cafe theme, this calendar features a selection of cafe scenes painted by Pete over the years. Each image is accompanied by an insightful story, revealing the artist’s thoughts and inspiration behind each work! Some of these images were created in the early days of Pete’s career and therefore have not been seen by many. 

Pete’s Calendar Message

“Hello you lovely lot. Thank you very much for purchasing my 2022 McKee calendar! I hope you enjoy this year’s cafe theme. I love painting these scenes, having done so since the early days of my career. Cafes are great for socialising, catching up with loved ones, and of course, for the cake. However, they are also great for people-watching and quiet contemplation. American artist Edward Hopper, whose work I have always admired, often painted cafe and diner scenes. I hope that my paintings of British cafe scenes evoke something of Hopper’s atmospheric work. I will always love these places, and still enjoy going to them to this day. Mind you, we never had cronuts back in the 70s.”

Printed in Yorkshire 

Measures 24.5cm x 24.5cm

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