STAND - Artist's Proof


STAND is the third edition in Pete's iconic Casual Trainers series. It follows up the hugely popular 2020 Game On print and the 2017 Station to Station print, both of which have since sold out.

This beautiful limited edition print celebrates the simple and joyful pleasure of watching football with your mates. The edition of this print has sold out. These are the artist's proofs of this print and are limited to just 20 copies.

The trainers included in this work are typical examples of shoes associated with the Casuals fashion movement that continues to influence contemporary dress. The main focus is on the Adidas Samba, placed slightly off-centre at the forefront of the print. This is the only trainer to appear in each of the three prints in this series.

“When I was a kid I absolutely coveted the Samba. I could never afford them so I had to make do with Adidas Kicks instead until I started working. For me, to this day, they are the perfect trainer, which is why they’ve been a constant in these prints.”


- Printed on 200gsm accent smooth glacier white G.F Smith paper

- Measurements 50cm x 70cm (unframed)

- Limited to 20

What is an Artist’s Proof print?

Artist’s Proofs are the first prints signed off by the artist when printing a limited edition run of prints. APs are the same as the prints from the limited edition run, regarding how they are printed, the paper they are printed on etc. They are also signed and numbered by the artist. However, the number of APs is much smaller, usually amounting to 10-15% of the general run of limited edition prints. So for example, if 100 limited edition prints were created then around 10-15 APs will exist. These prints are usually marked with ‘AP’ or ‘A/P’ as well as the number they are out of. APs are more collectable; therefore they are often more expensive than the prints from the main limited edition run. They are also often previously owned by the artist and are out of a much smaller number which adds to their collectability.

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