Bust Toe At Millhouse's Park


Taken from The Joy of Sheff Collection

"The greatest sunny seaside destination you could go to without leaving the city was Millhouses Lido. But if you didn’t want to pay the entrance fee, then the more dangerous Millhouses Paddling Pool had to do, with its arctic water and malicious concrete surfaces where injury and hypothermia were par for the course."

Product Options:

Available as an unframed and framed art print. You can view the different options by selecting the images on the left.

Unframed art print
Printed on high quality art paper measures 60cm x 60cm

Framed art prints
Printed on high quality art paper and framed in a black frame, ready to be hung on your wall.

Large measures 65cm x 65cm (approx)
Small measures 44cm x 44cm (approx)



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