Alpine Pop - Pink


'I couldn't resist imitating Mr Warhol to produce my own bit of Pop Art in celebration of the council estate staple beverage that brightened my Saturday mornings.

I would hear the clink clink clink of the delivery lads as they manfully grappled a dozen bottles of fuzzy nectar clasped in their hands. Mind you, trying to get to the pop through the vice like bottle top was a different matter. Many a molar was destroyed just trying to open the flipping thing. 

Each one of these pieces of art is totally unique, even down to a few flying victims that may have been attracted to the delicious colours that were applied to the boards alfresco, on a glorious summers day.' - Pete McKee

The pink background colour was hand-painted by Pete and then taken to HUNK printing in Sheffield where the green alpine pop image was screen printed on top. Because of this process, every painting is unique.

Each artwork is signed by Pete and limited to just 25 per colour.

Measures 44cm x 32cm.

Created for the 2018 THIS CLASS WORKS exhibition.

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