Autumn Original Painting

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Painted in 2020 as part of a series of four, Pete’s Autumn painting from his The Seasons series features a great tit bird perched on top of a branch. The leaves, which are about to fall, have turned orange and brown, colours that contrast beautifully with the pale blue sky behind. This work was inspired by the artist's love of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints which first emerged in the 17th century. Ukiyo-e, meaning ‘pictures of a floating world’, often celebrated the beauty of nature in all its annual stages. 

The painting has been signed twice. One signature has been placed on the painting itself; the other is seen on the reverse of the painting alongside a doodle.

Measures 56cm x 81cm.

Emulsion on board.

For delivery please allow up to 20 working days.

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