Beach Comber


Taken from the 6 Weeks To Eternity Collection

Finding the perfect spot on the beach is a talent that is passed down the family line. The time it takes to develop this innate gift is matched only by the actual time it takes to wander the beach with all the accoutrements of a day’s worth of sand-based fun and relaxation: windbreaks, deckchairs, towels, flask, newspaper, cricket bat, knitting, buckets and spades. It boils down to this simple geometric equation: the bookmaker’s, tea shed, pub, shellfish stall and chippy should be all be equidistant from the deckchairs. If this is also somewhere near the sea, that is a happy coincidence”

Product Options:

Available as an unframed and framed art print. You can view the different options by selecting the images on the left.

Unframed art print
Large Printed on high quality art paper measures 50cm x 70cm
Small Printed on high quality art paper measures 40cm x 56cm

Framed art prints
Printed on high quality art paper and framed in a black frame, ready to be hung on your wall.

Large measures 55cm x 75cm (approx)
Small measures 44cm x 54cm (approx)



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