Cat. no. 17 - Call of the Wild - Limited Edition



This limited edition print was created in 2016 for Pete’s extremely popular interactive exhibition 6 Weeks to Eternity. Call of the Wild was the only limited edition created for the show. This image was based on its original open edition version yet was printed in a much larger size, signed, numbered and titled by the artist.


When creating this work the artist drew on his own memories and experiences of growing up in the ‘70s. Through this image the artist points out how the idea of ‘playing out in the wild’ is now a more old school concept as ‘nowadays kids are more likely to play on game consoles or get taken to clubs. The council estate I grew up on had a farm not too far away from it, which was separated by a small stream. Crossing it felt like stepping into Narnia, as despite still being inches away from the estate, as a kid it felt like stepping out onto a vast expanse of wilderness. Although some of the things we got up to may now be considered a bit risky, (building dens out of sharp pointy things), being allowed to be feral was the ultimate freedom and form of escapism.’


• Signed, numbered and titled by Pete McKee

• Framed: 65cm x 85cm (approx.)


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