Charity Christmas Cards 2023


Everyone knows the best gifts are those made with love and nothing says “I love you” more than one of Nan’s knitted jumpers.

"One of the most memorable Christmas presents I received was a jumper from an aunt, mind you, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons. It was too tight, it was itchy, and it was lime green and brown. I looked like a nuclear hazard zone. I had the misfortune of wearing it to school once and duly had the mick taken out of me all day – even the infants had a go."

This year's charity Christmas cards have been packaged with a lovely red festive ribbon. All the proceeds from each pack sold go to Artplus which uses art to provide child-friendly settings at Sheffield Children’s Hospital to help young patients feel more comfortable. 


Pack of eight cards and envelopes.

All proceeds go to Artplus, The Children's Hospital Charity's arts programme.

Wrapped in ribbon to cut down on plastic.

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