Full English


For the 2021 Autumn/Winter collection, the McKee gallery has produced a print by scanning a very early work by Pete using state-of-the-art technology. Full English is a charming painting created around 2005, pre-dating the opening of the McKee Gallery. 

The painting’s style is typical of the artist’s earlier work, specifically indicated by how the character has been drawn. Another indicator this work is from the early stages of the artist’s career is its dimensions. When Pete first began painting he would use any MDF offcuts he could get his hands on. This means the dimensions of his early works vary greatly, compared to later pieces for which the artist has chosen the sizes of the boards. All of the gallery’s open edition prints are either a standard square or rectangle with specific dimensions. In this case, Full English is unique in that its dimensions make it much taller in height and narrower in width.

The image itself references cafes from times gone by, indicated by the price of the full English in the window and the general decor of the place. “I’ve got such fond memories of going on caravan holidays by the seaside throughout my life. My family and I would take strolls up and down the pier, stopping off at a typical seaside cafe. I wanted to replicate one of these places by including the net curtains and the slatted wooden facade. When I first started painting I used to do things slightly differently. For example, most of my cafe scenes depict people inside looking out, whereas my earlier works show the outside perspective of looking in at someone. Most of my cafe scenes have taken influence from the great American artist Edward Hopper. In this instance, I loosely reference his voyeuristic work Nighthawks, which gives a view of a cafe located on a street corner, with a few people inside of it."

Product Options:

This image is available as an art print, produced on high-quality paper and available unframed or framed. This image is also available on canvas.

Unframed art print*
One size: 33cm x 70cm

*Dimensions include a white border that surrounds the image and measures approximately 5cm.

Please note that unframed prints take 1-3 working days to be printed and an extra 1-2 working days for delivery. Unframed prints are available the same day from the McKee gallery for collection only.

Framed art print
Mounted and framed in a bespoke, glass, black angled frame. Made by the gallery's local framer.

One size: 38cm x 75cm (approx.)

Please note that framed prints take 7-10 working days to be made up and an extra 2-3 working days to be delivered.



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