Julie at the Chippy - Original Painting

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 I’ll have chips, a large battered sausage (can’t stand fish), a large curry sauce, a can of Tizer and a buttered breadcake. Can you chuck in some scraps? And do you have any pickled onions? I’ll put me own salt and vinegar on before you wrap ‘em ‘cos I like loads and you never put enough on for me. And if me mum comes in with ‘er new boyfriend tell ‘er I’ve sorted me own tea out.

A longstanding feature of the artist's work is his inclusion of characters based on people who would have been part of his community growing up. The people in these paintings are always captured doing something ordinary, as the artist chooses to give weight and significance to the simple moments in life that might otherwise be overlooked. However, despite these activities’ seemingly mundane nature, on further inspection they conjure up multiple questions and tell multiple stories.

Originally created for the 2020 Eight New Paintings exhibition.

Emulsion on board.

Measurements including frame:  81cm x 81cm

Artglass AR 70™

This painting is framed behind premium anti-reflective glass by Groglass®. Artglass AR 70™ is the "highest quality glass that is chosen by the finest museums around the world."

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