Just Five Minutes - Original Painting


Curatorial Note

Created for Pete's 2022 Don't Adjust Your Mindset exhibition, this work looks at the past to examine the present.

“Where I grew up children were regularly left out in the street in the 1970s as many prams were either too big to fit through shop doors or weren’t allowed in. Things have changed drastically.

The idea of leaving a small child alone on the street would be horrifying. I think it’s ironic that at one point, not that long ago, such sights were commonplace, whereas now people with babies are, fortunately, catered for very differently.

For example, in some cafes you can barely move for the number of prams. Even babyccinos have been invented so as to include the little ones. I think because the image is so shocking it’s almost comical. It wasn’t the case that people didn’t care, it was just how things were done.”

Artist's Note

"Nipping in for a nosey while the nipper naps." - Pete McKee


Created in 2021

Emulsion on board

Measurements including frame: 42.5cm x 55cm

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