Music for Pleasure - Original Painting


Artist's Note

"I originally created Music for Pleasure as an illustration for Rhoda Dakar’s single 'The Man Who Sold the World'. The image included albums that featured singles from her cover album Version Girl. 

I really liked the image and wanted to recreate the single sleeve as a stand alone piece of artwork which featured an alternative selection of albums and artists, but which ones to include? I pondered and I pondered and decided to ask the public which albums they would choose. Over the following week, I received hundreds of suggestions, which was inspirational and bewildering in equal measure.

What it did confirm was, we all have incredibly varied tastes but a shared passion for music. A couple of suggestions struck a chord and got me thinking. I revisited my record collection and pulled together a selection of my favourite soul sisters, females with unique voices and presence. All the singers tell a story with their vocals that come from the heart and get sent direct to your soul."


- Created in 2022.

- Emulsion on board.

- Signed by the artist in the bottom left corner on the front of the painting and on the reverse. 

- Measurements including frame: 64.4cm x 64.4cm. 

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