Cat. no. 6 - Nile Rodgers & CHIC TCT 2020 - Artist’s Proof



Beautifully screen printed in brown tones, this limited edition Nile Rodgers & Chic gig print was originally made in 2020 to mark their performance at the Royal Albert Hall, later cancelled because of the pandemic. This print was created to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity Pete has worked with for almost a decade, raising close to £250,000 for it so far. 50% of this print’s profits will go to TCT to help them to continue the vital work they do. Pete is also an ambassador for the charity.


When creating prints for the annual Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at the Royal Albert Hall Pete always incorporates a theme. Pete decided to base this collection of 2020 gig posters around teenage bedrooms as ‘they often serve as places of self-expression, especially when it comes to musical interests, as well as acting as sanctuaries from the pressures from the world outside.’ Each bedroom was designed to reflect a fan of the band the print was designed for.

Nile Rodgers & Chic’s incredible music career are referenced with posters that allude to their various songs and lyrics, including Get Lucky, a hit track borne out of a collaboration between Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Rodgers. Rodgers’ signature white Kangol hat rests on the headstock of a Hitmaker guitar he is famous for playing. The poster with Le Freak above an image of Studio 54 refers to the origins of this classic disco track. After being invited by Grace Jones to Studio 54 a bouncer refused entry to Rodgers and the bassist of Chic, Bernard Edwards, as Jones had forgotten to notify the door staff. Perturbed, the two musicians created a song about the club which included the refrain ‘f*&% off’ a direct quote from the rude doorman who turned them away. As it wasn’t possible to say this on the radio, the song was changed to ‘freak off’, which Rodgers thought sounded terrible resulting in the final and famous title, Freak Out.


• Signed and numbered by Pete McKee ONLY

• Unframed: 42cm x 59.5cm

• 50% of the proceeds go to Teenage Cancer Trust

What is an Artist’s Proof print?

Artist’s Proofs are the first prints signed off by the artist when printing a limited edition run of prints. APs are the same as the prints from the limited edition run, regarding how they are printed, the paper they are printed on etc. They are also signed and numbered by the artist. However, the number of APs is much smaller, usually amounting to 10-15% of the general run of limited edition prints. So for example, if 100 limited edition prints were created then around 10-15 APs will exist. These prints are usually marked with ‘AP’ or ‘A/P’ as well as the number they are out of. APs are more collectable; therefore they are often more expensive than the prints from the main limited edition run. They are also often previously owned by the artist and are out of a much smaller number which adds to their collectability.


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