No Place Like Home - Original Painting


Artist’s Note

They give you three hot meals a day, make sure your clothes are clean and tell you it’s best if you get out of bed and sit in your chair. The view outside is nice, you can see some trees and occasionally you can hear the birds sing but it’s no place like home.

Curatorial Note

Addressing issues of ageing in today’s society, this work represents what many of us fear: isolation and loss of autonomy. It reminds us that care homes are a fixture of British life and how, despite the best efforts of those working in this stretched sector, living in residential care can, in some cases, lead to loneliness. 

By painting this character in a nightie and dressing gown, their vulnerability is emphasised. The sock that has slipped down to expose her frail leg goes unnoticed as she looks out of the window whilst fidgeting her hands. The red slippers reference the Wizard of Oz’s heroine, Dorothy, and her ruby red slippers. Her famous line is the inspiration for the title of this work. 

Originally created for the 2020 Eight New Paintings exhibition. This work was later exhibited at Pete's 2022 London/Sheffield show, Don't Adjust Your Mindset.

Emulsion on board.

Measurements including frame:  81cm x 81cm

Artglass AR 70™

This painting is framed behind premium anti-reflective glass by Groglass®. Artglass AR 70™ is the "highest quality glass that is chosen by the finest museums around the world."

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