Cat. no. 26 - Noel Gallagher TCT 2013 (Yellow) - Limited Edition



This series of limited edition screen prints was created in 2013 to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity for which Pete is an ambassador. They also commemorate the charitable performances at the Royal Albert Hall. Designed in the style of a gig poster, it marks the performance by Noel Gallagher and was produced in sets of four colours: blue, lilac, green and yellow. Each colour was limited out of 50, with only 200 made in total. This is the only time Pete has created a collection of the same print with varying colours.


Not only did this print mark Noel Gallagher’s gig but it also marked the performances by the other artists referred to in this work, who performed on the same day. Therefore Pete wanted to create an image which resonated with all of the acts, drawing ‘a classic representation of a musician.’ The figure crouches down in front of an amp spending ages ‘twiddling the nobs to get the perfect sound.’ The narrative around this individual is that they’re not yet at the height of their fame. This represents their early days starting out as an impoverished musician, hence the hole in their shoe. This added detail was also drawn in as a private joke, referencing a time when Pete lent a pair of shoes to his friend Richard Hawley, who later performed in them. When the shoes were returned Pete noticed a hole in the sole which Hawley denies doing to this day.


• Signed by Noel Gallagher

• Signed and numbered by Pete McKee

• Unframed: 42cm x 59.5cm

• Framed: 56cm x 76cm (approx.)

• 50% of the proceeds go to Teenage Cancer Trust


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