OAP Special - Original Painting


The cafe is a refuge for the weary, a place to rest those aching bones and have a warm. A place to listen, to join in on the gossip or just to sit and have a quiet two minutes whilst the world passes you by. But £6 for a cheese toastie? They can coco!

Older women appear in three of the paintings in this exhibition. Pete’s work has often included sensitive portraits of elderly women going about their daily business. The artist has stated that images of older women are sometimes employed as metaphors for the empathy and love we feel for one another. There is an almost voyeuristic quality to this work as the viewer is placed inside the cafe looking out at the passer-by who reads the menu from the outside, unable to hide her disapproval of what’s on offer.

Originally created for the 2020 Eight New Paintings exhibition.

Emulsion on board.

Measurements including frame: 68cm x 84cm 

Artglass AR 70™

This painting is framed behind premium anti-reflective glass by Groglass®. Artglass AR 70™ is the "highest quality glass that is chosen by the finest museums around the world."

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