Our Muriel - Limited Edition Print


Artist's Note

"She’s never seen without her trolley or searching for that bargain. She has standards though. It may be cheap but the stitching’s got to be right. She doesn’t mind a bit o’ fat but she doesn’t want it all gristle. Those neighbours have got new curtains but she knows where they could have got ’em cheaper.

A tail-end of a bit of finny will do the job just nicely – no bones to worry about. That new shop’s just opened – I hear you can get stuff for just a pound. But first, I’ll pop into Heart Foundation and see if they’ve got a nice table lamp. Bus is late again …" 


- Limited edition from a run of 100.

- Risograph screenprint. 

- Signed and numbered by Pete McKee. 

- Unframed measurements: 30cm x 42cm.

- Framed measurements: approximately 36cm x 48cm.

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