Picasso At Butlers


Taken from The Joy of Sheff Collection

"In 1950 Pablo Picasso visited Sheffield, during which time he found himself at Butlers Café, among other places. An aprocryphal story of that visit has it that he took the pleasures of a local “working” lady, and offered to pay  her with one of his sketches. She duly told him where he could shove it and he’d better pay with proper money like all the others."

Product Options:

Available as an unframed and framed art print. You can view the different options by selecting the images on the left.

Unframed art print
Printed on high quality art paper measures 60cm x 60cm

Framed art prints
Printed on high quality art paper and framed in a black frame, ready to be hung on your wall.

Large measures 65cm x 65cm (approx)
Small measures 44cm x 44cm (approx)



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