Sham Sundays - Original Painting


While our mums slaved away in the kitchen cooking the Sunday dinner, our dads knocked back a few pints down at the social club, often staying a little longer than requested. As way of an apology a few bottles of Babycham or Cherry B would be brought home as a hopeful peace offering. This ploy rarely worked.

Humour has always featured heavily in Pete’s work which sets the tone of this particular painting. Through its autobiographical narrative the artist pokes fun at things he experienced growing up, which are “thankfully…not necessarily the story of today”. This scene has a Hogarthian quality as Pete has taken a real life experience and examined it through a humorous and satirical lens.

Originally created for the 2020 Eight New Paintings exhibition.

Emulsion on board.

Measurements including frame: 68cm x 84cm

Artglass AR 70™

This painting is framed behind premium anti-reflective glass by Groglass®. Artglass AR 70™ is the "highest quality glass that is chosen by the finest museums around the world."

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