Station To Station


A limited edition print inspired by some classic 80s casual trainers. Limited to just 100 copies, these high quality giclée art prints are signed and numbered by Pete. Taken from the McKee archive these limited edition prints measure 50 x 70cm unframed. 

Framed Prints

Please note that with a frame this print measures approximately 64 x 83cm. We also offer white frames which can be requested in the notes section when purchasing this print. 

'With all vital cultural movements, their existence is based on fact and mythology, a few remnants of photographs, the odd archived local news reel, usually following trouble. Be that Mods at the seaside, Skinheads at a gig, Punks in the town centre or casuals on an away day. 

The rest relies on personal accounts and that is where the vital mythology of the culture comes to life. What was worn, how it was worn, who was present, who were the faces, did half a dozen turn into 15 then 50? Look closely at those photos and you will notice the ones at the front have it nailed but those to the side are two steps behind in the sartorial pecking order. 

In truth those kids may not have had the why and wherefore to get the best gear but their spirit was just as vital to keep the movement alive.

My homage to the footwear of the early casual movement and its later incarnations is based on personal anecdotes from mates who followed their team and look both home and away.

I realise I will have missed out other contenders for the crown of ultimate casual trainer so they will have to wait for another day. 

On another note, 'Station to Station' also references Bowie's 1976 release, just on the cusp of the earliest incarnations of the casual movement. Casuals were the only youth culture not influenced by music, though I do know a few loved Bowie as do I. My chosen trainer has always been Adidas Samba but as a poor kid I had to make do with kicks.'


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