Superstars of Social Media badge collection


Meet the adorable and hilarious Superstars of Social Media gang, created for Pete's 2022 Don't Adjust Your Mindset exhibition collection. Read about their intriguing personalities below!

These badges measure 2.5cm x 2.5cm and make great gifts alongside our Superstars of Social Media tote bagposter, t-shirts and mug!

The Superstars Gang


Age: 5

Likes: All food, tummy rubs, pram rides.

Dislikes: Exercise, documentaries, wide-open spaces.

Wrinkles McTinkles

Age: 11

Likes: Staring competitions, snappy suits, lotion.

Dislikes: Casual wear, the sun, new wave music.


Age: 8

Likes: Cowpat, garbage, the Evil Dead franchise.

Dislikes: Breathing, potpourri, bedtime stories. 

Boo Boo

Age: 1

Likes: Nihilist philosophy, Bram Stoker, heavy metal. 

Dislikes: Anything nautical, lowbrow humour, non-intellectuals.


Age: ???

Likes: Spa days, world domination, boulangeries.

Dislikes: Breaststroke, 'Friends' the sitcom, Donald Duck.


Age: 7

Likes: Crochet, The Great British Bake Off, French Fancies. 

Dislikes: DIY, fusion cuisine, Gen Z.


Age: 14¾ 

Likes: Laurel and Hardy, well-done steak, a stiff breeze.

Dislikes: Children, politics, small talk.


Age: 3

Likes: Star Wars, prawn cocktail flavoured Wotsits, Babe Ruth.

Dislikes: Loud noises, the emotionally unavailable, Red Sox.


Age: 4

Likes: Insects, chick flicks, cuddles. 

Dislikes: Papooses, humans over 5ft, Ferris Wheels. 

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