Tea for One and Biscuits Two Original Painting

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Tea for One and Biscuits for Two depicts a vivid memory from the artist. "When I was 15 I worked as a labourer. One of my jobs involved working on a house. The next door neighbour was a lovely elderly lady who made us lots of brews that came with a side of biscuits while we were working. She was always accompanied by her rotund, blind dog, who loyally hobbled along beside her. She clearly adored this furry, little companion, but I couldn't help but suspect that she showed her affection but feeding it biscuits on a regular basis."

This original painting has been taken from the McKee collection. The painting has been signed twice. One signature has been placed in the bottom right hand corner of the work; the other is seen on the reverse of the painting alongside a doodle. The reverse also features its original gallery label.

This painting measures 65cm x 80cm.

Emulsion on board.

For delivery please allow up to 20 working days.

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