Cat. no. 16 - The Beatles Get a Haircut - Limited Edition

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This beautiful, bold screen print was created for Pete’s Great Moments in Popular Music exhibition in 2011. The show was exhibited at the Snap Galleries, located in London at the time. For the show Pete created three different limited edition prints, all from runs of 75. These prints were: The Weekenders, Pub Rocked and The Beatles Get a Haircut.


The Beatles Get a Haircut is an imagined scene symbolising the band’s transition from The Quarreymen to The Beatles, which occurred around 1960. Before this change the band had adopted a Teddy Boy rocker aesthetic, which they then switched for the mop top haircuts and suits they are now famous for. Pete has created this work to portray the seismic change in the band’s career which paved the way for their rise to worldwide stardom. To the left Ringo Starr and John Lennon, still dressed as Teddy Boys, wait to undergo their transformative makeovers. To the right George Harrison, dressed in a new suit with a new haircut, walks away as a fully fledged Beatle. In the centre Paul McCartney has just undergone the new transformation, his gaze directly pointed at the viewer, self-assured and ready to conquer the world.


• Signed, numbered and titled by Pete McKee

• Framed: 55cm x 75cm (approx.)


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