Garden Six-And-Out


Taken from the 6 Weeks To Eternity Collection

The mighty county slogger battered and taped, the dry parched batting crease, worn of all its grass from endless days of quick singles and marathon runs aided by overthrows and mis-fields. Dropped catches and disputed stumping add to the game, but no one is left in doubt about garden six-and-out. Just make sure it not number 43’s: she is mean and constantly out making sure her washing stays clean”

Product Options:

Available as an unframed and framed art print. You can view the different options by selecting the images on the left.

Please note that unframed prints take 1-2 days to be printed and an extra 1-2 days for delivery. Unframed prints are available the same day from A Month of Sundays Gallery for collection only

Unframed art print
Large Printed on high quality art paper measures 50cm x 70cm
Small Printed on high quality art paper measures 40cm x 56cm

Framed art prints
Printed on high quality art paper and framed in a black frame, ready to be hung on your wall.

Large measures 55cm x 75cm (approx)
Small measures 44cm x 54cm (approx)

Please note that framed prints take 7-10 days to be made up and an extra 2-3 days for delivery

This canvas measures 12x16 inch

*Please note that canvas prints come in one size only and take 5-7 working days to be made and shipped



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